Metallic Powder Pigment


METALLIC POWDER PIGMENT Natural Mica pigments composed of bright and vivid colours with soft texture and very versatile.

Ideal for use in Epoxy Resin and other coating resins, Can also be used for cosmetic Nail Art and use with other acrylic products

Perfect for creative projects from artwork to large area coatings.

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Available colours

FE-110 Fine Satin White, FE-6911 Silver Grey, FE-97101 Laser Gold, SP-1119 Bronze Metallic, FE-6512 Pop Green, SP-1145 Luster Blue, SP-109 Violet Irisdescent, SP-1095 Red Irisdescent, SP-1167 Magic Violet, FE-6070 Saffron, SP-1151 Interference Green, FE-6047 Gold Blue, FE-6711 Satin Orange Yellow, FE-6944 Black Pearl

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