SINDEC Art Epoxy Resin


Elevate your Artwork with SINDEC ART RESIN – a 2 Component Epoxy Crystal Clear Art Resin, it can be poured up to 20mm in thickness per pour with a 2:1 Mixing Ratio.

VOC FREE and NON-TOXIC, an odourless epoxy that does not emit fumes, not only environmentally friendly but safe to work with. UV Resistant to protect against Yellowing and Low in Viscosity as required in art resin products with a High Gloss finish with excellent working time.

This epoxy is 100% Solid and brings a completely crystal clear transparency with good chemical and mechanical resistance.

24hr curing time – Fully cured in 5-7 days

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  • Perfect for Artwork, Casting & Jewellery where thickness is under 20mm

  • Up to 20mm in thickness per pour

  • 2:1 Mixing Ratio

  • VOC FREE and NON-TOXIC, Odourless does not emit fumes

  • UV Resistant to protect against Yellowing

  • Low Viscosity as required in Art Resin products

  • High Gloss finish

  • Excellent working time

  • 100% Solid

  • Crystal Clear transparency

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