SINDEC Diamond Cast High Viscosity Epoxy 7.5 KG Kit


SINDEC Diamond Cast HV High Viscosity Epoxy Resin is a two component, virtually solvent free and 100% solid epoxy resin for use on countertops with a thick application of


Consumption of 2kg of material per M2 and touch dry in 3 hours at 20C will make this coating ideal for countertop or table coating use.

The thickness or high viscosity in its material form allow for consistent and accurate design, meaning that unlike other epoxies this one retains your design every time and wont run off like other conventional resins.

You can also achieve sharp edges on your counter without the use of tape damming, minimising your waste when working. A diamond gloss/sheen finish guaranteed



  • High Viscosity RETAINS your desired design and provides sharp edges

  • Ideal for Countertops, Artwork and Projects alike

  • 100% Solid Clear Epoxy

  • Fast Drying Diamond Gloss Finish

  • A high virtually solvent free high viscosity resin perfect for countertop design, great for art projects.

  • With the high level of viscosity it is useful on edge work with less chance of slumping.

  • The resin is clear and has a diamond gloss, fast drying finish.

  • For use on countertops in laminate or stone.

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Weight 7.5 kg

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